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Omagle fun! oh and my teen is really real..I swear!

Posted by: justakrazymom on: September 28, 2009

Eric had this awesome toy as a kid.. called Omagles. These are circa 1985.. we used them once before when Noah was younger..but I had totally forgot about them until a recent trip to my mother in law’s basement. Well yesterday was a rainy day and all 4 kids were particularly crabby..so a quick trip up the street and Eric brought back 2 big ole boxes of fun! Even 15 year old Noah decided to join in!

Can ya tell he’s so thrilled I am taking his picture? I told him I need to post one of him every now and then so people know he still exists!

Playdough fun..with a teen.. I am amazed I got 4 pictures of him today…I think that’s some kinda record.. I will state he’s been grounded for a week, and that is the only reason he was home with us all weekend..lol

3 Responses to "Omagle fun! oh and my teen is really real..I swear!"

I so wanted some of those when I was a kid!

I want that box of building toys! That is awesome! I see that Noah is real…but does he indeed have a face? HEE HEE!

Those are totally awesome!

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