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Posted by: justakrazymom on: September 29, 2009

So..I finished with my Grammar project.. need a name for it..help??

It’s drying, so once that is done I have to add some peel and stick laminate to protect it. I REALLY think Declan will like this much better than worksheet after worksheet..

So here’s the front:

user posted image

and inside.. I have a blank spot on the right upper corner.. still brainstorming what to put there:

user posted image

Here the kids will decide what the word is and put it on the appropriate part of speech
user posted image

I will either tell them a sentence orally and they can tell me which type it is or I will give them sentences and they will place them on the right type.
user posted image

This is the space that they can build or “unbuild” contraction words.
user posted image

here they can compare synonyms and antonyms..
user posted image

and the space for matching up homonyms
user posted image

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I love it, now send me one. *snicker*

That looks like it’ll be great.

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