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And we’re done!

Posted by: justakrazymom on: October 23, 2009

With our first “semester” of work!!! In honor of Miss Jadziah’s 6th birthday ( on wed) we are taking all of next week off! I, of course, will be prepping the next semester..which will run thru Christmas!

So what have we been up to these last 2 weeks of our semester?

We finished learning about great American’s..and made a log cabin like Abe Lincoln grew up in:

We wrapped up learning about Mercury..and did a fun experiment on how craters are formed on the surface of Mercury:

We did a little World Geography:

played some skill reinforcement games:

a Diphthongs file folder game:

A Hooked on Phonics Spelling game:

US State geography Learning center:

A math facts game:

Spelling City for Spelling:

Another US State game…

Another phonics game:

and some alphabet games for Taejan:

We painted pumpkins:

and made Color Wheels:

Seatwork was done..

Language Arts..


Language Arts and Handwriting for Ziah:

bonding happened:

We had lots of time with friends:

At a fall party:

and a playdate or 2:

Ziah and her bestest girl friend L.:

and another best girl friend B.

and B’s mom Hollie..my good friend:

We saw more friends at dance and karate.. and of course at Book Club:

We learned about about Crime Scene investigators for a few days 1, 2&3):

For Home Ec Ziah made lunch:

and Taejan breakfast:

We had school store..

and Taejan enjoyed his new Trio blocks ( LOVE these)

I made Taejan a learning poster:

we had a guest for donuts:

They proved their ability to sit and be patient and entertain themselves:

at the dance studio:

and at the car dealer while mommy’s van was being fixed ( an hour away..plus 3.5 hours of us in the waiting room):

LOTS of fun hands on science with a dropper, graduated cylinders and colored water :

Big cups of colored water:

and some dry chemicals and a field microscope:

WOW.. we had a great 2 weeks eh?

7 Responses to "And we’re done!"

“dipthongs” always makes me laugh. Your color wheel turned out much more impressive than ours! Great semester.

Oh my goodness what a fun week you guys have had! LOVED the science and the pumpkins… so sweet!

You never cease to impress & inspire me. My fav pics were you & Taejan bonding over your laptops & your “guest for donuts”. Too sweet!

WOW!! That was a great couple weeks!! You got so much done!! We have been slightly slacking!

You are my hero, Alison! Can we come to your school?

You guys always do some of the most fun stuff.

Absolutely wonderful work! Enjoy the break.

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