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Snack Boxes

Posted by: justakrazymom on: October 29, 2009

So I totally stole this idea from one of my bestest HSing mom friends Heather . It was like she KNEW we needed this… I have this issue with the kids eating too many snack or worse..my 15 year old eating in one sitting what it would take the other 3 two days to eat… it gets too costly to keep up with that kinda stuff!

So I shelled out a whooping $.94 each for three 6qt containers and filled them up for each kid! We have pretzels, crackers, fruit snacks granola bars etc..in each is enough stuff for between 7-10 days of snacks, as they also eat yogurt, fruit etc, things I can’t really put IN the boxes.

In order to keep the cost of snacks as low as possible I don’t buy any snack individually wrapped that I can buy in a bigger bag and divide up.

I can get about 7 snack sized baggies with about 1/2 a cup of snack out of things like those mini oreo and nutter butter.. and they are less than $2 per bag. The pretzel’s are $1.00 a bag and I can get about 15 snack baggies with 1/2 a cup or so and have some left over to put where my teen can get at them.

After I package all the snacks up I place them in gallon baggies along with any pre-packaged stuff i do buy ( granola bars, fruit snacks etc) for easy refilling and ez grabbing if we need snacks for when we go to dance or to the park!

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Love this idea! I have snack baskets that are similar, and my girls love it!! The problem, of course, is mommy remembering to fill it up!

This was such a wonderful idea that Heather had. I also buy the bigger bags of snacks and divide them up. It is a bit cheaper for us that way.

I love it! I would use it, but Eli has to have 2-3 snacks with insulin so Remy eats then. I miss the days of kids being able to snack when they want. *sigh*

What memories ! My mother did this when I was little. It worked like a charm as I always wanted to have more snacks left to eat when my sister and brother were out. I ate less and had bragging rights.

Hope it works well for you guys!

I like the bigger bags of things and then divide… but my MOM buys the individual servings. Now, mind you, she NEVER did that when we were growing up!

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