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Declan’s Mini Office

Posted by: justakrazymom on: June 28, 2010

Today I finished Declan’s mini office. I used various resources out there..many from clicking various links from Squido or a from a page I was taken to from the Squido page.

Oh I want to say I dislike contact paper..lol.. it’s the best way to do these for me ( my laminator is not big enough) but I still dislike working with it. That said ,I did indeed use it..lol

Declan is 8, would be in 3rd grade if in school.. After I went thru and printed off all the items I thought we could add to the Mini Office, I went back through and cut out and glued them to a doubled up file folder, and added 2 “pages”. Then once everything was glued down I used the contact paper to seal it.

On the back I added 5 velcro dots and now the office can be hung on the “wall” in Declan’s schooling space:

here is he showing how he will use it.. he’s really excited to have a sense of his own space:

This mini office is English, History, Geography and Math ( I plan to make a separate science one for each kiddo). There are 7 zones, 4 of which are on pages that can be turned:

On this one below is a blank space.. I added a velcro dot to it and on a flash card put the other side of the velcro. I can now swap out what state he looks at as he is using the mini office, adding to his knowledge base.


Now I am starting to work on Jadziah’s…pictures soon!

8 Responses to "Declan’s Mini Office"

That looks great! I’ve been meaning to make a large one for my 8 year old that would also serve as a divider. I’ve got a tri-fold board ready to go, but haven’t made the time.

Awesome job, hon. I will be making one for the girls this coming school year. They are so helpful.

it looks great! and i love the vecro idea so you can change the state card!

That’s really neat! Love it!! Yet another idea to have rolling around in my brain. lol

Love the idea of your “mini offices”! Can I talk you into sending me a scan or something of the mini office that you made for your 8 year old?? It looks fantastic! you should post the idea of how to make them somewhere on the internet. I would download it in a heartbeat! Thanks for another great idea that may help in teaching my son! If I can ever get the knack of lapbooking I may be able to come up with something like them.
I wish I had the space to make your classroom it seems like the perfect way to teach more than one child instead of sitting at the dining room table. If my older son ever vacates his room I know what I’ll be doing with it! Of course, my youngest might want to switch rooms first but even so, his smaller room would be perfect to teach him in.

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