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People really think like this?

Posted by: justakrazymom on: February 28, 2012

So on my FB today was a little discussion about homeschooling that came from an encounter I had at a store.. anyway I got this post that floored me.. here are some of the highlights:

” it matters very much where a kid goes to school, while their time outside of the classroom matters just as much their social skills (especially as they pertain to situations AWAY from their parents) and ability to navigate their world alone are molded throughout the educational process. ”
“home schooling does not allow a child to develop independent thought as there is no environment for open discussion with peers and no abililty for a collaborative learning process. so, even if they’re playing sports or doing other group activities to help with social skills it’s not a substitute for the educational benefit they gain from learning in a group of their peers. ”

“it’s possible to have success homeschooling, but not without consequences. cooperation in the work environment is critical for success after school/college… some well adjusted home school kids can pick this up in college but most habits regarding morality and cooperation develop before the child hits high school age so its much harder to adjust.”

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Hi, I have a question about one of your previous posts on work boxes and i couldn’t find a place to comment or to send you a private message so I will post here in hopes I will get in contact with you.It one of your previous work box posts pictures you posted a pic of a game the name of it is sight words matching game.Do you have a link for these or more info about them?? I have tried finding them on my own with no luck.
Thank you for any help you can give!

Odds are those games came from Target’s dollar spot,

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